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    Located in the heart of downtown Kenosha, with over three decades of of chiropractic experience. Our doctors and staff offer our patients compassionate care to help you and your family to your health and wellness goals.

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    Patients seeking treatment at Genesis Chiropractic are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology.

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Welcome to Genesis Chiropractic Wellness & Rehabilitation, Your Kenosha Chiropractors!


Welcome to Genesis Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Center! Located in the heart of downtown Kenosha, with over three decades of chiropractic experience. Our doctors and staff offer our patients compassionate care to help you and your family to your health and wellness goals. Patients seeking treatment at Genesis Chiropractic are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology.

Proudly serving: Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Racine, Bristol and surrounding areas

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  • Dr.
    Emily Miller

    Dr. Emily was born and raised here in Kenosha, WI. Dr. Emily received her Bachelors of Science  in Kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee in 2016, and will graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic with her Doctorate in February of 2021. Dr. Emily is passionate about helping people of all ages achieve their health and wellness goals. While at Palmer, Dr.Emily learned and utilized multiple techniques such as Diversified, Gonstead, myofascial release and Graston. In her spare time, Dr. Emily enjoys staying active and spending time with her fiancé and her rescue dog, Ryder. 

  • Dr.
    Daniel Esposito D.C.

    Dr. Daniel Esposito, born and raised in the Kenosha area, has been practicing chiropractic for over 20 years. He first opened Genesis Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation in 1995 and has been dedicated to his patients overall health ever since. Dr. Esposito received his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin - Parkside, right here in Kenosha.

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  • Dr.
    Bryton Yepsen D.C.

    Dr. Bryton Yepsen is from the small town of Mark in north-central Illinois. He is a proud second-generation chiropractor, who was first introduced to chiropractic himself, the day he was born! In June 2018, he earned his Bachelors of Science and Doctorate of Chiropractic degree’s at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

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  • "Last year on the day before Thanksgiving I was in a scary car accident, I was with my 2 year old daughter & I was about 15 weeks pregnant. I googled chiro offices and just decided to call Genesis. I was scheduled an appointment with Dr.Yepsen. We were both surprised at the coincidence but I cannot say how glad I was that he was my doctor because I knew from the start I was already in good hands. Throughout COVID he expressed how important it was to get adjusted & all the benefits it gives you especially while pregnant. I recommend Genesis to everyone looking for a chiropractic office, everyone is great! So welcoming the moment you walk in, & though I've only been a patient of Dr. Yepsen's I have no doubt in mind everyone is just as caring and a great doctor."
    Dulce A
  • "My baby and I both go to Genesis. Everyone is amazing! From the moment you walk in, you’re welcomed and genuinely cared for! They treat us like family and make you feel heard and helped! We have been to many chiropractors and Genesis is by far the best! They’re personable, knowledgeable, talented and really care for each patient."
    Samantha P
  • "I’ve Been a Patient of Dr. Yepsen for 3 years now when I first started going I was in daily pain my career was looking like I may need a switch which broke my heart because I love what I do. After seeing Dr. Yepsen almost weekly for 3 years I’ve never been in better alignment. I’m able to get through my work weeks with minimal discomfort, I know how to position myself for optimal health and still able to care for my own patients. I’m Glad I took my health into my own hands & helping hands of Dr. Yepsen! Doctor your the true MVP :)"
    Laura M
  • "I have been getting adjusted here and Genesis for some time now. Dr Dan, Dr.Yepsen, and Dr.Katie have change my life in so many ways. I have become more in tune with my body than I ever thought I could be. My mental and physical health has increased, and I feel great! I still have off days, and take it to the extreme when I can. But, Genesis team and the amazing staff throughout the building have been behind me every step of the way. Thank you, I'm forever grateful."
    Raven C
  • "I had never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Yepsen here. I have a lot of back pain during my pregnancy and it just hurts everywhere. After I see Dr. Yepsen after each appointment I can honestly say i feel so relieved. I didn’t know how much just getting adjustments could help me and I am so glad I decided to make that first appointment and continue going. I am able to move around much easier than before I started seeing Dr. Yepsen. Before, my back pain would almost completely limit my ability to simply move around. I can say I can move around comfortably without pain now since getting adjustments. If you are debating on making an appointment, just do it. You will be grateful you did and so will your body! The entire staff is always polite and very welcoming. I will continue to make appointments even after my pregnancy! It is so worth it!"
    Marie S
  • "I have chronic pain due to fibromyalagia and cervical damage caused by several serious whiplash injuries, among other things. Without regular chiropractic care, I suffer from debilitating headaches and nerve pain in my hips and legs. With chiropractic care, I can function, and have a much greater quality of life. Because Doc Dan is so dedicated to solving my physical "puzzle", going so far as attending specialty clinics to learn new techniques, I have developed total respect and trust in his skills. And I remain optimistic, where I hadn't been before. Because of this, I recommend Genesis to anyone who is suffering from musculoskeletal pain. Chiropractic is the best solution!"
    Carol K.
  • "I am a single mom of two kids and preschool tot teacher with DDD, a few disc herniations and scoliosis of the spine. I have piriformis muscle syndrome that causes my spine to shift when the muscle tightens up to the point where stretching doesn't make a difference. After steroid injections, radio frequency, tons of pain medication, pain management doctors and several years of seeing two different chiropractors three times a week over the course of five years with no results I have now been free from pain for 6 months. I haven't used pain medication. I am so grateful to Dr Dan, Dr. Katie, and Dr. Yepsen for their hard work and support physically and emotionally. 10 years ago I was told I was going to need back surgery. Through several years of pain and exhausting every option and wanting to give up I'm so happy I found Genesis chiropractic Care they have truly restored my life."
    Megan M
  • "Always super professional. And it works ffs. They saved me from losing work(twice) in 10 years. I was starting a new job and was at the point where i could barely go from laying to sitting, sitting to standing without extreme pain. Within a week I was back to normal. Dr. Dan, Dr. Yepsin, and Dr. Kaite are all life savers. They Will Help. 100%. Shout out to the office staff as well. Especially you Lauren."
    Jeff S
  • "Staff at this chiro office are the best in town!!! Very welcoming everytime we come in for our adjustments! Dr. Yepsen has worked with my boyfriend over the last year for back pain from an injury and has helped him make so much progress. I have started going myself and I have been feeling better each time I go. I HIGHLY recommend going to Genesis Chiropractic!"
    Sarah R
  • "When working out, I messed up my lower back and was in a lot of pain. I dealt with it for months but as time went on the pain worsened. Eventually, I visited Genesis Chiropractic and Dr. Dan and Katie were able to get me back to normal in just a few sessions. There were some pain management sessions that helped to immediately relieve some pain and the adjustments took care of the rest. I am annoyed at myself for not doing this sooner but so happy that I eventually did. The staff is great, the Dr's are excellent and I will continue to come here for any other issues that I may face in the future. I highly recommend Genesis Chiropractic!"
    Matt H
  • "Coming to Genesis was one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I came here, I was to the point where I thought this was how I was going to feel for the rest of my life, that I"d just have to deal with the pain. Within a few weeks, I am back to an almost completely pain-free life. I was afraid surgery was going to be my only option. I am amazed at the fast, successful results. Dr. Esposito and Darian are kind, professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend Genesis."
    Pat A.
  • "This was my first chiropractic experience, and I was both nervous and skeptical. But my only issue is that I didn't do this sooner. My eperience was both informative, but also highly effective. Im able to take deep breaths again, and it was very relaxing. I highly recommend Genesis for anyone with back pain, you're worth it!"
    Jacob S
  • "My entire family goes to Genesis!! I would recommend them to everyone, they are absolutely incredible. Dr. Dan and Dr. Katie are so great. They always figure out a way to get me on the schedule when I'm in pain!! The staff is super nice, and everyone really wants you to feel better and have a great experience! So thankful for them!"
    Ally T


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